Save Our Space

A reminder of how the space looked pre-fence

You may have noticed a large green fence has recently been erected around the open space at the junction of Duncombe Hill and Brockley Rise.  This area is home to a number of mature trees that are currently protected by a provisional tree preservation order (TPO).  The TPO is a for a provisional six-month period (until 9 May 2019) and prohibits anyone from carrying out work to the trees without Lewisham Council’s consent.

The Council made the provisional TPO because “the trees are visually prominent, being located on the triangular green open space at the road junction of Duncombe Hill with the busy Brockley Rise. The trees form a visually interesting and attractive grouping with differing crown shapes and foliage colours and contribute significantly to the public realm. The trees are considered to be at risk from future development.”


The fence was erected without planning permission or prior notice and it therefore breaches local planning controls.

Furthermore, the land is owned by a property development company and not Lewisham Council.  Hence construction of the fence has led to concerns that the land will be developed and that the community will lose a valuable green space.

What can the community do?

  1. Please visit to sign the following petition:
    1. Contact Lewisham Planning:

Lewisham Council Planning Department
Catford Library
Laurence House
1 Catford Road
Tel: 020 8314 7400; 9am–1pm and 2–5pm, Monday–Friday.