Duncombe Hill Green – developer plans flats

Thanks in no small part to the more than five thousand locals who signed the petition to Lewisham Council, there are now permanent Tree Preservation Orders on the trees at Duncombe Hill Green.  The council have also issued an enforcement notice which requires the developer to remove the fencing erected without planning permission.

Undeterred, the developer have now applied for permission to build a small block of flats.  ‘Small’ being the operative word as this would comprise 6 tiny two bedroom flats on 3 floors in a limited space.  Here is an excerpt from the plan:


All the existing trees would need to be felled for this to proceed, except for one which would be ‘trimmed back’.  The exception is the only one not on the developer’s patch of land – it is owned by the council.

The smaller flats are 62m2 which is only just larger than the 61m2 minimum allowed for a 2 bedroom flat with 3 occupants on a single floor.  The green walls, intended to give a ‘green park feel’, and glass, for the ‘feeling of openess (sic)’, appear a very poor substitute for the real thing and the diminutive flats do not seem likely to make for happy urban living.

It is highly questionable whether the council will look kindly on this application but the developer is clearly up for the battle.  There is a public meeting arranged, at the site, on this Sunday 10th March so if anyone fancies hearing their side of the story or putting any questions to them directly, there is a good opportunity: https://www.facebook.com/events/362485681268262/.

Clearly a fluid situation.  Will update as we know more.

Update, 9th March: The public meeting arranged for 10th March has been cancelled