We’re Almost UP!

So it’s summer, and we’re finally making progress. Sorry for the delay in posting, but we’ve been in talks to make sure our next dispatch had news, and here it is…

Let’s Beautify Honor Oak Station
After showing an interest in creating a mural on one of the walls in front of the station, we were approached by Arriva, who run the Overground / Honor Oak Park Station. They wanted to see whether we’d  be interested in the Adopt-A-Station scheme, which is a funded opportunity to beautify the space. This opens the opportunity to enter the Overground in Bloom competition, which starts at the end of July.

To make this happen, we have enlisted the help and expertise of the One Tree Hill Allotment Society (OTHAS), who have drawn up a plan to install planters, and herbs / flowers behind the benches on Platform Two.

We need volunteers to help install the planters during the evening on 16th July.  Kindly contact us on info@honoroak.org

Street Art at the Station – UPDATE
Our talks to create two (2) murals on the walls outside Honor Oak Park station are progressing nicely. The wall to the left is owned by Network Rail, who have agreed to a design mentioning our location (Honor Oak). This is similar to the Forest Hill / Catford / Brockley designs. Ours will have a historic connection to the area.
Meanwhile the wall to the right of the station (owned by Arriva) is going to be designated a rotating mural space, once the notice board has been relocated, and space cleaned up ready for painting.
Happy Summer!!!

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