Where Do You Live?

With the intention of asking local people where they thought they live, our local group – Friends of Honor Oak –  initiated an online survey on 24th February 2014.

We were also very interested in how connected people felt to their community and what drove its sense of identity. We were prompted to do this owing to the perceived split in the Honor Oak community proposed by the area that defines the “Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park” Neighbourhood Forum – the Crofton Park Ward boundary (see Appendix 2).

The survey ran until 18th March 2014 – just less than one month. A longer survey period, and some collation via non-online means, would have been desirable but the survey deadline was necessarily constrained by the Lewisham Council consultation period which ended on the 20th March. Nonetheless, a good geographic spread of responses was received, in total 126 responses.

We did not require answers to any questions as concepts such as neighbourhood are very subjective and can elicit a mixed response. As a result, two responses had incomplete addresses and as they couldn’t be verified by area, as designed, these two are not included in most of the collation exercise. The questions asked, and a link to the survey, can be found in Appendix 1.

We have been careful to anonymise the data presented here. We did not seek names, are not publishing addresses, and, comments, where supplied, are disconnected from the dataset.

[Where do you live? Survey]

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