HopCroft Forum Draft Plan

Crofton Park Ward intend to setting up a neighbourhood forum for Crofton Park and (part of) Honor Oak.  They have produced a draft plan:


This is quite a dense planning document with a number of other documents to back it up.  There are a number of issues with this, not least the way in which this splits Honor Oak and the allocation of a site for housing next to Honor Oak Park station.

There is a process behind this which will culminate in a referendum for those in Crofton Park Ward which will determine whether this plan is enacted or not.  In the meantime, people have until the 31st January 2017 to respond to the draft document and we would encourage people to do so.  There is an online survey here: https://hopcroftforum.stickyworld.com/room/presentation?roomid=7#page/home

The Friends of Honor Oak have submitted their own response: HopCroft NP Draft Plan Response Jan 2016 web

Any comments welcome!

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